Seasons change. Do we?

CHANGE is what we all cherish. But do we really understand the changes we go through in our lives? Look out of the window pane near you. Do you see life? Do you see the seasons? Are they changing?

Well, then, look carefully...

SARAT VARMA did not quite realise it. At least he couldn’t catch it while he was within the throes of change. He had lived in memories. He was the memory man, like that memory tree by their favourite placid blue lake. Son of a serene writer-translator, Sarat gets thrown into the glittering cosmos of the cyberdom unwilfully. The dreamer of the pack, Sarat sees them all living in a beach house somewhere in Cyprus or Bahamas in the next ten years. Varsha, he knew, would be his own one day. Sunny, he knew, would grow up to his grace. One takes a lifetime to realise what one wants from life. Sarat knew it well before. But, how wrong he could have been?

Played by Nishan.

VARSHA JOHN had missed her dad all her life. How far she showed it around could be questionable. She flits like a dove that pecks around as if she had a springy pair of feet. She believed in the bonding she grew up with her most beloved one, Sarat and of course, that rascal boy, Sunny. Oh, one hell of a ride was her life! From her town, Varsha moves along with Sunny to Bangalore for a short while, till Sarat returns from the US. They meet after three years to begin it all anew. Now she can live with her own sweet secrets forever buried in her. She can start afresh. But, did she know how wrong she was?

Played by Rima.

SUNNY IMMATTY had always carried the bruises his businessman dad had left in his body and soul. They surfaced once in a while through his passion, loudness, his outbursts and his private sensuous moments. His choices are for the moment. Meanings he didn't find in days or years ahead. Rather, he finds them in the 'now'. And he lives there. Oh, his too was a smooth and jolly journey. He can keep all that money that will come from his own designs and get quickly to his blissful life. Well, how wrong he too was.

Played by Asif Ali.

ZARINA BALU (Jaya Menon), the owner of Zybo3, the software company in the Internet City. A stern believer in her corporate dreams. A stem of the new woman.

RAMA VARMA (K Govindankutty), father of Sarath, is a writer-translatore of Bengali novels. A pivotal character in terms of defining Sarath's past and consequently redefining his future too.

HARI VARMA (M G Sasi), elder brother of Sarath, his graceful pillar of strength.

PRANCHI (Siddharth), an eternal loser, a modern outsider, the one who gets constantly booted out from the glitzy urban world.

And more...